The Story Behind the Name B360

B360 Swim the name is a huge tribute to my Mother! My mom whose name is Bridgett has taught me everything that i know about sewing and she's the reason I started to design and create swimwear! I had lots of trouble trying to come up with a cool name. So one day my mother and i were talking and we realized that all of the sewing we had been doing started 5 years ago in our current home 360! So this amazing idea of paying tribute to my mother for molding me into a designer and tribute to the home it all started in became the name of our swimwear line! The B comes from my mothers name and 360 is  the house number that all of this awesomeness originated!  

About the Brand 

B360 Swim is not just a brand, its a LIFESTYLE!

The mission is to make All Women feel beautiful in swimwear no matter your race or your size. We make swimwear for those individuals who enjoy life and want to feel sexy while doing so!

Our girls love to be the center of attention when it comes to fashion and we try our hardest to bring the goods. So if any of these qualities sound like you then your definitely a #360Babe